Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saskia Lehnert - kc printmaker

The inner resolve of a print maker is like no other. To gain a better understanding I met with Saskia Lehnert for an interview. What blew me away was her commitment. She willingly spent hours on hours over months, using a hand pushed tool to drill each hole on her wood plate to create a massive dot pattern. 
See the varied size holes BELOW. Ink impressions of pattern NEXT.

She used words like meditation, doing it, and
being in the moment to describe the process. 

above photo by eric lehnert

Saskia Lehnert talks about a metal and wood multi-plate
collaboration with Telephonebooth Editions in KC
and working with water-based inks for her woodblocks.
Metal plates used for RGB Landscape
Video is seven minutes long.
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Closeup of etched metal plate used in collaboration.

above photo by eric lehnert

Ms. Lehnert covers rice paste with
water-based inks, the cutting tools used
for her "Storm" woodblock impression 
Video is three and a half minutes long.
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Careful cuts to create line gradations ABOVE.
Wood block for "Ghost In The Forest"
Closeup of layered colors on impression BELOW
Double click on images.

above photo by eric lehnert

Lehnert completes her studio interview.
She explains what it means to charge the plate,
the importance of contrast with a dot pattern,
holes drilled with a hand pushed dremel,
 beginning with a mechanical design and
 transforming into something more with physical effort.
The process is satisfying beyond words.
You really spend time with every square inch
of the work. Video runs four minutes.
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Lehnert is a member of the Nelson Atkins Print Society.
Her print studio is in Overland Park, Kansas.
Her website is

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