Sunday, April 19, 2015

print share - john mallery

John Mallery is the President of the Nelson Atkins Print Society. He shares an etching impression which his parents, maybe even his great- grandparents, owned. 

The great thing about the print share salon at the Creative Cafe is the personality of each member as each shared their favorite print. Humor and respect go hand in hand with this group. Which is probably why the membership is growing as quickly as it is these days. Double click on images to enlarge.
Video is three minutes.

Albrecht Durer made a cameo appearance in the etched procession An 1870 version of Where's Waldo.
The full procession is next.

More on Austrian painter Hans Makart  

Another plus for this group is how much one learns from the people who attend the function you also attend. There is much expertise in the room. As in the next video.

Video is four minutes.
Stephen Pruitt tells viewers where the PLATE MARK is underneath the mat. Remarques were little etched images that showed special distinction to a given etched impression.
[Hans Makart courtesy of Art Sunlight,,
accessed April 20, 2015]

Saturday, April 18, 2015

print share - curtis smith

   Curtis Smith shared his trip to Havana with the Kansas City Kansas Community College Jazz Orchestra as the court photographer. While the group stayed at Cathedral Square in Havana, the students and Curtis stopped by the Taller de Experimental del Graphica, a print shop and gallery that was started in 1962 by mural artist Orlando Suarez with the support of Che Guevara.  Double click on images to enlarge.   Video is six minutes, NEXT.

More on El Taller Experimental de Graphica HERE.
Smith ALSO shared the backstory of a scratch board print he got signed by two famous mountain climbers Dee Molenaar and Tom Hornbein. Print was 7th of 39 impressions.

More on Dee Molenaar and K2 and more about training to climb 
(scroll down on that page to the bottom)
Video of mountain climb by Eric Cutts

Video is two minutes.
"When I bought this in 1980 I was working at a gallery out of Denver called Alternative Art. I sold prints for this Denver print making company in Kansas City for a while. ---- This is the only print I bought from them that I liked, that I sold for them. I guess it meant to me at the time, that Life is sort of like, you try to hit the target, your goal is to hit the target with an arrow, but for me, throwing a rock at it is about as good as you get, and you see this missing the target. So, symbolically, that is where my mind was at in 1980. A trial and error process of growing up." Curtis Smith

[Taller Experimental de Graphica de La Habana link courtesy,  Dee Molenaar, Wikipedia,, and K2,, video link to climbing, Alpine Ascents,, accessed April 10, 2015]

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

print salon share - cynthia gibson

Cynthia Gibson brought two of her favorite fine art prints from home.
To FIND OUT more about the artist and what they were.

In the audience was Marilyn Carbonell, who introduced herself as the head librarian at the Spencer Art Reference Library.

"The Library can help you as well if you bring in digital images, not the original."

Video is four minutes.