Sunday, October 18, 2015

kcai student panel

    "It was a good run & discussion. Especially from the questioning past art dealer that seemed to know the answer to all of his questions. Rather more giving good advice to all the students & artists on how to be more corporate & business like with their work. We know we don't ever work for the money, but better to be fed at dinnertime than an ascetic. If it were me, I'd starve for making art any day than eat a good meal." Eric Lehnert

 Professor Laura Berman, panel moderator,
introduces the six KCAI students
who will speak on their print making.
Eight minutes.
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Sara Elizabeth Haug
(current KCAI Sophomore) 
from Leawood, Kansas. 
Five minutes.

Daiana Oneto
(current KCAI Junior)
 from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Seven minutes.

Emmett Merrill
 (current KCAI Junior)
from Kansas City
 Seven minutes.
Interview with Emmett. 

Kelsey Alexsandra Van Horn
(current KCAI Senior)
 from Oklahoma.
Eleven minutes.
Closing comments on Merrill, then on to Van Horn.


Adri Luna
 (Bachelor of Fine Arts, KCAI 2011)
 from Los Angeles
followed by
Robert Howser
 (Bachelor of Fine Arts, KCAI 2009, 
Master of Fine Art, Ohio University)
 from Pennsyvania.  Seventeen minutes.

Student Discussion. Eleven minutes

Value of Critiques. Four minutes.

Students on building community within Print Department.
Seven minutes.