Sunday, February 8, 2015

creative cafe - print salon share

When 40 Nelson Atkins print society members got together to share a print that meant something to each of us, STORIES opened up, and it got exciting in the Creative Cafe of the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.
one video overview. one minute.
more posts on each coming.

Here is Dinah:

Dinah Henderson talks about her friend Donald Hayob and the woodcut she treasures from him. Two minutes.

Longview Chapel by Donald Hayob of Lee's Summit, Missouri. Woodcut measures 20 by 12 inches.

"Karl,'s a small world.  I checked your blog and scrolled through all the interesting images and videos until I reached the one for the Curiosity Club.
     Imagine my surprise when I recognized the top of a very familiar image....the Longview Chapel woodcut by Don Hayob !!!  I just got off the phone with him to let him know what I found. He doesn't have a computer (Luddite) and was unsure of what happened after your conversation with him on the phone.  I've had a print of that image hanging on my wall since he did it way back when.  Perhaps I will bring it to the show and tell.  The fun thing is that over the past couple of years you have been at events with him.  He went to the Lawrence Litho day in 2013 with me and this most recent Christmas event (we were there way longer than we anticipated)."  (via email, 1.19.2015)

"I wasn't in his printmaking class at Longview, but did take a pottery/ ceramics class.  Turns out that's not my 'thing'!  Although there is one little bowl I made that I like and use.  Don is extremely talented and besides this print, I am quite taken by his paintings.  He was a student at UMKC of Robert MacDonald Graham and Graham sold him his land that wraps around behind what was then Graham's house.  He passed away a number of years ago.  I talked to Don yesterday after finding your mention of him.
We discussed the print and the fact that his cousin's wasn't framed and apparently was in the burgundy mat in which it's been since he gave it to her.  Mine is framed and was a gift from him back then.  At the time I had a bookshop and he did custom framing for some of my customers." (via email 1.20.2015)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

kc print crawl

"This was my first one....although I've been a member for a couple years, this was the first time I've been to the crawl.  I've been to a luncheon, the most recent Christmas open house (fantastic!), the Benton print discussion at NAMA, and a few others.  I live a couple blocks from the American Legacy gallery, but this is the first time I've been inside.  It's been a self-protection ploy as I knew that once I was inside I would be in trouble!  I enjoyed seeing all the prints available, but found those at the final gallery to be of no interest at all....and too expensive to boot.  Different tastes I guess....." Dinah Henderson
Dr. William Eickhorst "Bill" has collected prints over the last 50 years and shared some of his collection with us this morning. To reach him and view his Manet, Bonnard, Cezanne and others you can reach him at (816) 587-1986 or email him

"I was remembering the Print Crawls of the early years of the Print Society.  A handful of people... It's just great to see all the new faces and enjoy the lively discussions, with the common thread of love of prints tying all these diverse people together."  Catherine Vesce, Kansas City

There was talk about the works of Gene Kloss, her figurative drypoints and more obscure landscapes.  Elizabeth Carroll asked how one determines which work to purchase. Melissa Behravesh gave this summation. If you are buying for financial reasons look for signature work. What you would recognize as a well known Gene Kloss. Say, her figurative work. If you are buying for personal reasons, go with work that resonates with you. Maybe the landscape.

Left, Jane and Eric Piper from Hyde Park said they were long time collectors. They said this was their first print crawl. Karl Marxhausen

Tim Reimer from Wichita, Kansas said he's been a member for two years. He has wanted to come in for the print crawl, but other things were going on. He decided to check it out. Karl Marxhausen

Two chine colle color lithographs by Hung Liu. Three minutes.

"Where else do you have the power to select a print that will go into the collection of an internationally recognized institution." John Mallery, Program Director 

Members create a buzz over the optical activity
of the Strandell work. Six minutes.
"I enjoyed the day.  We saw quite a range of prints. Seems like we are pushing the boundaries of the definition of 'print'. Welcome to the 21st Century. Remember when photography was on the cutting edge? Now it is is digital and lenticular! It is all very interesting and exciting.  The Print Society continues to get better and better." Susan Lawrence, Susan Lawrence Fine Art, Kansas City, MO

"I think the Print Crawl was a huge success!  Lots of new members attended who had not been to any of the planned events!  It was wonderful to see such a large turnout."  Brucie Hopkins, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes
More discussion and interest generated at Todd Weiner Gallery. Seven minutes. Works of Heinrich Toh.
"Karl it is always a pleasure to talk to members of the Society.  I always get to know different members just a little better at each event.  I hope this experience continues.  Just like you - I would have voted for the Mary Strandell without any further ado." Richard Hamilton
"big change from just a few years ago - so many people it was hard to move around & get a good view of all the prints! always enjoy this program & the resulting purchase for the museum." greg schieszer

thanks for all who contributed their comments.
video and photos from karl marxhausen, print society member.