Saturday, August 8, 2015

paula winchester - kc printmaker

Monotype created by wiping ink off acetate surface, Paula Winchester used the edge of cardboard, an ear swab, toothpicks, and a rag to clear areas. It took half hour to make this image. She took an adult art class at the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City, under Suzanne Geringer. Video is two minutes.

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" I took the Picasso and More class at the Nelson where I got to make a monotype print and an intaglio print. By my doing it even makes me appreciate more that which I see. I am in awe.  I hope my depth of knowledge grows and that someday I will purchase some (prints).  " Paula Winchester

Picasso exhibit at Nelson Atkins Museum inspired freehand images by Paula Winchester. In the Picasso and More class, students created monotypes and intaglio prints. Ink was removed from acetate plate with wipe motions. Impressions measure 12 by 9 inches. Video is two minutes long.


A fourteen year old daschund named Zen is all heart in two monotype impressions by Paula Winchester. How she embellished the work with pastels after the ink had dried. Both impressions measure 12 by 9 inches. Video is three minutes. 

Drawing from which Winchester created Swallow impression. 
Blue acetate is thin plastic. Sharp tools draw gouges which will hold ink.
 Intaglio and monotype by Paul Winchester.

In the last class of Picasso and More, Paula Winchester used a drawing of Portland swallows to combine two processes, intaglio and monotype. The results are multi-colored and new to this Kansas City resident. Paula shares her experience. Video is six minutes.
Winchester is a member of the Nelson Atkins Print Society. She took part in Picasso and More, adult art class in education department of Nelson Atkins Museum of Art in October of 2012. For more information on upcoming adult art classes contact http://www.nelson
Her website is You can see her pastel drawings here.