Saturday, June 1, 2013

John Bender: The Forgotten Man -- Dr.Burton Dunbar

Dr. Burton Dunbar of UMKC gave this presentation April 14th, 2012 to the Nelson - Atkins Print Society. He raised the question: "Where are all the John Bender prints in Kansas City?"

For one who has contributed so much, John H. Bender (1884-1963), so little is known today. In three parts the talk has been posted for your enlightenment. Thanks to NAMA staff who did the recording, and the Eric Lehnert who uploaded this to YouTube.

Part One --- Thirty minutes.

Part Two ---Twenty-eight minutes

Part Three --- Twenty-one minutes 
Bender donated 1,800 books as well as 390 pamphlets and monograms.

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(Additional  Bender links courtesy of Fred Geary: Swept Up By The Revival blog,,, Artist,, accessed June 1, 2013)